End Of Line Test

MEI warrants that MEI Air Disc Brake Calipers, when installed and maintained on vehicles in accordance with MEI installation and maintenance instructions, will be free of defect in material or workmanship under normal use and service for 2 years or 200,000km.

Remember: Regular brake inspection is an important part of vehicle maintenance and should take place every 3 months. These check frequencies are a minimum and, depending on the vehicle application, a more frequent check may be necessary.

Please ensure that you register your caliper with MEI on installation. The two-year warranty will then commence from the date you registered your caliper. If the calipers are not registered then the 2 year warranty date will commence from the production date of the caliper. You can register your caliper here.

The End of Line Test station (above) ensures correct performance of every caliper we produce. All information generated by our End of Line Test station is recorded and traceable via the ID serial number etched into every MEI caliper (see below). You will be required to enter the serial number of the caliper when you register it.

Air Disc Brake Part Number

Air Disc Brake Calipers cannot compensate for other deficiencies in the brake system. Before returning please check for: defective air chamber, air chamber seal damage, uneven pad wear, cracked or worn rotors, damaged carrier.

All claims must be made within the warranty period. The MEI Air Disc Brake Caliper must be returned for examination, together with detail of the fault found, distance in service and vehicle application.

MEI warranty does not cover parts which fail due to incorrect installation or abuse.

Guide sleeves, bushes and seals and tappet seals, being service components, are not covered by the warranty.

MEI does not accept liability for any consequential losses.

A copy of the warranty claim form can be downloaded from the support section of this website - click here.