MEI Air Disc Brake Calipers are identified by the part number which is marked on the ID plate. After a long life in service or while still on the vehicle it can be difficult to read the information on the ID plate. Therefore the following can be useful in assisting identification.

1. Check the air chamber mounting angle. This ranges from -12o to +8o.

 -12o  0 +5  +8o
minus12 zero plus5 plus8


For radial calipers (LNR225) the mounting angle ranges from +86o to +93o.

 +86o  +93o
 plus86 plus93web 


2. Check if the Long Guide Sleeve is on the Left or Right as shown.

guideleft  guideright 


3. Confirm the brake size. If there are bolts visible as shown in picture 1 (see below), attaching the cover plate to the housing, the brake is either LB195, LC225 or LA225.
• Measure the caliper at its widest point. If the caliper is 350mm diameter it is an LB195 brake.
• If the caliper is 375mm diameter it is either an LC225 or an LA225 brake. You can either:
• Measure the diameter of the steel tappet head as shown in picture 2 (below). If the tappet head is 65mm wide it is an LC225. If it is 58mm wide it is an LA225.
• Measure the distance between the guide sleeves as shown in picture 3 below. If the distance is 278mm it is an LA225. If it is 266mm it is an LC225.

 Visible Bolts  Tappet Head  Guide Sleeve Distance
LA225bolt tappethead guidedistance


If there are no bolts visible it is an LB225, LV225 or LNR225 brake. The mounting angle of the LNR brake (see earlier)makes it easy to identify. To distinguish between the LB225 and the LV225:
• Measure the diameter of the steel tappet head as shown in picture 2 above. If the tappet head is 65mm wide it is an LB225. If it is 58mm wide it is an LV225. 


Tip: To distinguish between the LC225 and the LA225, or the LB225 and LV225, examine the steel tappet heads. Notice how the tappet heads are more prominent on the LC225 / LB225 (left) than on the LA225 / LV225 (right).

 tappetlc tappetlv 


There are two other measurements that can help to identify the caliper.

The rotor diameter will be 377mm for LB195 brakes. For all other brakes it will be 430mm.

The pad width is 248mm for LNR225 and LB225 brakes. It is 245mm for LV225 brakes, 208mm for LA225 brakes and 211mm for LC225 and LB195 brakes.

4. Fitment Type - check the pad wear sensor cable fitment type on the chain cover - it can be without sensor (left) or with sensor (right).

 plain  universal


The pad wear sensor types are shown below:

 On/Off (old version)  On/Off (new version)  Linear Stepped
oldonoff onoff linear stepped


If you have determined the size of the caliper, the position of the long guide sleeve, the mounting angle and the fitment type then you should be able to identify the MEI part number