MEI Air Disc Brake Calipers are identified by the part number which is marked on the ID Plate.

MEI Air Disc Brake


After a long life in service or while still on the vehicle it can be difficult to read the information on the ID plate. Therefore the following can be useful in assisting identification.


First confirm the brake size. Looking from the air chamber side (rear), if there are bolts visible as shown, attaching the cover plate to the housing, the brake is either LB195 or LC225.

LB195 or LC225 - bolts visible LB225 - no bolts visible
 5B1400bolt 5C1440nobolt


If the disc is over 400mm diameter it is an LC225 brake. If the disc is less than 400mm diameter it is an LC195 brake. If there are no bolts visible it is an LB225 brake.


Next, check the air chamber mounting angle. This ranges from -12o to +8o.

 5C1105side  5B1405side  5B1515side



Next, check if the Long Guide Sleeve is on the Left or Right as shown.

Left Right
5B1400top 5B1405top



Check the pad wear sensor cable fitment on the chain cover.

This can be screw type, clip type, or plain (no pad wear sensor fitted).

Screw Clip Plain
5C1420 front 5C1440front 5C1400front



The pad wear sensor can be identified as follows:

If the pins are silver colour and a white circle is visible, the sensor is On/Off type.

If the pins are silver colour and there is no white circle, the sensor is Linear.

If the pins are gold colour the sensor is Stepped.

On / Off Linear Stepped
idoo idlinear idss