MEI are pleased to introduce the new MEI Caliper Service Tool Kit. This high quality kit covers all MEI and most Knorr Bremse Caliper applications. As well as the easy to use application guide supplied in the kit we have a number of short videos covering all the procedures required to service the caliper (see below). The booklet that accompanies the toolkit can also be downloaded from our support pages.

Kit Cover Web 

Please click on the videos below to see the other tool kit videos.

Long Guide Sleeve Boot Removal Short Guide Sleeve Boot Removal Long Guide Sleeve Boot Fitting
Short Guide Sleeve Boot Fitting Long Guide Sleeve Brass Bush Removal Long Guide Sleeve Fitting and Staking
Rubber Bush Removal Rubber Bush Fitting Plain Bush Removal
Plain Bush Fititng Long Guide Sleeve Cap Fitting Short Guide Sleeve Cap Removal
Tappet Head and Boot Removal Secondary Seal Removal Secondary Seal Fitting
Tappet Head and Boot Fitting Short Guide Sleeve Cap Fitting Long Guide Sleeve Cap Removal