The MEI Self Setting Slack Adjuster (S-ASA) is a development of the ASA and offers various technical advantages.

The most obvious difference to the ASA is that the control arm of the S-ASA can be fixed to the anchor bracket at any point within its arc of rotation (-16 to +130 degrees).

This makes the S-ASA easier to fit than the ASA because there is no need to ensure that the control arm of the S-ASA is rotated to its maximum point of rotation before fixing it. This eliminates a major source of error at the point of fitment.

It also means that one S-ASA reference can be used in place of more than one ASA reference: one variable S-ASA control arm replacing a series of fixed ASA control arms - thus allowing a range reduction.

However, although superficially the same as the ASA, the internal mechanism of the S-ASA is different to that of the ASA and three major benefits follow from these differences:

Firstly, the 'o' ring and gasket seals that prevent ingress of dirt and moisture are even more effective than those of the ASA.

Secondly, the S-ASA design does not employ a one way clutch spring which is the eventual point of failure in most ASAs.

Thirdly, the rate at which the S-ASA adjusts is more sensitive and gradual than in the ASA, thus avoiding over adjustment into a drum expanded by heat and therefore achieving optimal lining to drum clearance.

Hover over the image below to see an exploded view of the MEI Self Setting Slack Adjuster.

SASA Exploded View